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A few months ago I started the barre3 online workout at home and absolutely love them!  One thing that founder and instructor, Sadie Lincoln, often says at the beginning of a workout is “The hardest part is pushing play.”  Isn’t that the truth!

The same can be said about anything that is new and feels foreign to us.  Getting started is intimidating and takes more work initially as you become educated and organized with a plan.

But if you stop to think about it, everything was new at one time.  There was a time when none of us knew how to walk and now we buzz around without even thinking about it!  Remember learning how to write in elementary school? (My experience was duly frustrating seeing as I had a full length cast on my dominant arm!)  Now you write or type without giving it a second thought!  Or consider larger challenges you’ve faced – the new job, starting school, moving away from home, having children.  In all of those cases at one point you probably thought “how will I ever be able to do this?!” and then you became educated, sought guidance, adapted, and are living in that new norm.

Same goes for adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.  So, here we are with 3 tips just to get you started!  Choose just one and make it your happy little goal to adopt it in some capacity this week.

    1. Add something new.  That’s right, just one new food this week.  Each week my grocery list includes “one fun fruit” and “a new veggie”.  This keeps me from falling into a rut and provides me with a little adventure.  Plus, our bodies need the beautiful diversity of nutrients.
    2. Out with the old and in with the new!  The simplest way to make healthful choices and cooking a breeze is to have the right items on hand.  The easiest way to avoid falling into the destructive eating patterns that leave you frustrated is to rid your house of the food that tempts you.  Take a look into My Kitchen for some staples to get started.  Additionally, I offer a Clean Sweep Kitchen Consult if you need a helping hand and recommendations for building your kitchen afresh!
    3. Buddy system.  Everything is more fun with friends!  I’ve had a blast growing in friendship with my neighbor as we bulk cook together and share healthy recipes.  I’ve grown to love and appreciate my sister more as she keeps me accountable in areas that I struggle the most and gives me perspective.  I’ve made new friendships through finding walking partners.  Consider someone in your life who could join you and make the changes more fun!

I’d love to hear from you!  What are the challenges and obstacles you face in getting started?  I’ll address some of these items in later posts.


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I often get asked “so, what is a plant-based diet anyways?”  That’s a great question!  In asking this, what you may really be wondering is,

Will I only eat fruits and vegetables?  Nope!

Will I get bored with eating the same old thing?  I sure haven’t!

Is it time consuming and more expensive? Not with a good plan.

Do I have to give up chocolate?  Definitely not!

Does it mean I have to love kale?  No! (phew, right?)  😉

Is it really that important? A resounding, yes!



Okay, now on to the answer.  Simply put, in a plant based diet the foundation of your diet comes from plants.  That seems pretty straightforward, right?

Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, and gluten-free whole grains are the most nutrient rich foods on the planet.  This means that they have the most nutrients per calorie, doing great stuff for your body while keeping your weight stable and your energy high.  Other beautiful benefits of a plant-based diet include:

Strengthened immune system
Improved digestion
Healthy hair, nails, and skin
Stabilized blood sugar
Reduction of excess body fat
Sustained energy
Building strong bones
Reduction of cholesterol
Enhanced athletic performance
Hormonal balance
Improved mood
Disease prevention

Any takers?!

To recap:  The focus is on eating more whole, plant-based foods as often as possible.  Learning to identify and keep processed “food” out of our bodies, and becoming educated and responsible for our choices.

And, let’s forget about dieting altogether!  As you likely already know, diets don’t work.  They’re a program designed to meet a temporary goal in a short amount of time, but are typically not a sustainable plan for a healthful lifestyle.  Dieting focuses on what I “can’t” or “shouldn’t” have and often leads one spiraling into guilt, resentment, and burn out.

What we eat for health and what we eat for enjoyment don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  Trust me; the food I eat now is more diverse and exciting than it was 10 years ago.  My heart-beat is to help us all incorporate more of the good stuff into our diets, and whether it’s a little or a lot, more is better than none!

Soon to come, I’ll have some easy pointers to get you started!

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    • Stacy Lingle - Thanks for your insight Ayelen! I definitely agree that the momentary “solutions” often come with challenging side effects, but the long-term healthful changes often don’t entail those and are sustainable changes. Thanks so much!ReplyCancel

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    • Stacy Lingle - Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!ReplyCancel


I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!  If you are reading this you are likely in the comfort of your home or office and have plenty of food choices for today.  We certainly live in a privileged society where we have dietary choices and an abundance of beautiful and healthful foods available to us for daily nourishment and long term health.  While the choices abound and we have endless scientific research on diet, there still remains pervasive confusion regarding what to eat when we sit down at the table.  Additionally, there is a lot of “food noise” out there.  We are bombarded with the “next hottest diet” while standing in line at the check-out.  We’re invited by friends to join them in a 10 Day Detox program.  Supplements promise superior health, increased energy, or the ability to shed pounds fast.  While some of these concepts may be helpful in developing good long-term habits, it seems as though most only further cloud our minds and leave us feeling frustrated and deflated when our efforts fail.  At least this is what I hear from my clients time and time again.

While food is for the fueling and nourishment of our bodies, it is most certainly to be enjoyed.  Pause for a moment and think about all of the positive memories you have surrounding food.  Your loud family Thanksgiving dinner followed by pumpkin pie around the fireplace.  Your child’s birthday party and the cake preparation that left them elated.  The special meal you and your significant other waited for to celebrate that significant occasion.  The neighborhood cookout where laughter rang late into the warm summer night. Or a heartwarming conversation shared with a dear friend over brunch and coffee.  It’s certainly true that food is related to many memories for us.

On the other hand, I know for many of you, the memories are not always so fond.  Food may feel like an endless mental battle, even enslaving at times. You may be recovering from disordered eating or feel mocked by others for your food preferences.  Maybe you wish to improve your health but feel at a loss at how to begin, feeling as though you’ve lost the race before you’ve even begun.

I promise you this: you’re not alone.  I can also assure you that change can be easier, freeing, and more pleasurable than you anticipate.

My desire with Nourishing Health is to work alongside you (whether as a reader of this blog, or in person through nutrition counseling) to nourish your body for long-term health, but to do so in a sustainable, enjoyable, and balanced way.  Here you’ll find a focus on nourishing your body for long-term health, eating mindfully, up-to-date research for your health, and tips and tricks for implementing it into your daily life.

Life is a journey…and it’s always more fun together!

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  • Jennifer Morgan - Go Stacy! This looks great!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Pritchard - I made the banana but oat bread. It was delicious!!!! I loved it with almond butter and so easy to make:)ReplyCancel

    • Stacy Lingle - That’s awesome, Ashley! I’m so glad you liked it! I love it with almond butter too…but really I love almond butter with anything. 😉ReplyCancel