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Gut Health – Why it Matters

As I met with a client recently and and we discussed the benefits of moving toward a whole food, plant-based diet including the weight loss he desired, reduced cholesterol, decreased blood pressure, and optimal gut health, he asked, “Does gutView full post »

Microbiome – Personal Hygiene & Household Products

So far in my series on the human microbiome I introduced you to some new friends and shared why cultivating a healthy microbiome is important to overall health as well as how to promote microbial health from the beginning.  Today we’ll take aView full post »

Microbiome – Promote it in Pregnancy, Delivery, & with Breast-feeding

Last week I opened the window on our microbiome; discussing what exactly a microbiome is and what promotes and hinders it.  Over the next few months I’m going to speak on each of the following topics that impact our microbial health andView full post »

Microbiome – Meet Your New Friends

In my post on how to promote a strong immune system I discussed how our bodies either receive and thrive from what we put in them or wrestle against the ill effects of trying to handle substances they weren’t intended for. If you’ve beenView full post »

Gluten-free: Healthy or Just Another Trend? (Part 2)

Is a gluten-free diet best for everyone?  In Part 1 of my two part series, I discussed what gluten is and gluten related health conditions.   Today we’ll consider whether a gluten-free diet is best for all individuals and how to adopt aView full post »

Gluten-free: Healthful or Simply Another Trend? (Part 1)

Health trends have come and gone for a long time and can leave many of us pausing for a moment to consider whether a recommendation is truly healthful or simply another fad.  Having a sound understanding of nutritional science and how to nourishView full post »

Bacteria – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When we hear the word “bacteria” I would bet most of us think of it in a negative sense.  “Gross! Stay away or I’ll get sick!”  What if I told you that many of our current illnesses are, at the root, caused by anView full post »

Your 35 Foot Super Highway

I absolutely LOVE giveaways!  I feel a small dose of pre-Christmas gift giving excitement rise up in me every time I think of a fun giveaway, so be on the look out for regular features where I share my favorites with you!  A big congratulationsView full post »