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GoMacro Bars – Whole Food to Keep You Fueled

Being healthy in a hurry has never been on my mind as much as this past year.  I thought owning my own small business was busy enough but now enter my energetic one year old daughter.  Life is full of joy, but short on time. While I have a greatView full post »

Healthy Eating as a College Student

College.  A time of new adventures, goals to pursue, and endless change.  Navigating this new phase can be exciting and quite nerve-wracking.  One change I didn’t anticipate was the way my body would adjust to this new lifestyle.  I went fromView full post »

Navigating Restaurants – A Guide to Eating Out

Who doesn’t love to eat out?!  Sharing life with friends and family over a good meal and no clean up!    Regardless of how much fun dinner on the town can be restaurants are notorious for salty, calorie-loaded meals that can wreak havoc onView full post »

Refreshing Warm Weather Side Dishes

As the warm weather arrives its time to ditch the soup (as much as I love a big bowl of it!) and be nourished by refreshing favorites to keep you cool and your tastebuds dancing.  As challenging as it can be to stick to your health goals in theView full post »

Healthy Travels – Tips for Nourishing Yourself Away from Home

Traveling can be a ton of fun or really stressful.  It can also leave us feeling a bit off kilter due to different sleep schedules, getting away from our typical eating patterns, and being exposed to different environments.  When I travel eatingView full post »

Cooking for a Crowd – Weekend Getaway Edition

I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend in the mountains with my family celebrating my mom’s birthday. Sweet conversations, creamy oatmeal with piping hot coffee, tear producing laughter, baby snuggles, hiking, picnics, and silly dancesView full post »

Snack Attack – How to Be Ready! (+ Giveaway!)

What happens when you have a snack attack and don’t have something healthy on hand?  You either grab the closest convince food, often void of nutrients and filled with sugar, or you power through the hunger only to walk in the door at 6pm andView full post »

Plant-Powered Picnic

As the end of Summer nears and the beautiful Fall weather is just ahead, its time to squeeze in a few last picnics during these warm weather days.  Prompted by one of my clients requesting ideas to refresh her picnic basket with nutrient-rich foodsView full post »