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Plant-Inspired Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving is next week!  It’s time to create your menu and beat the grocery store crowds.  Whether you’re looking for a hefty plant-based holiday menu or simply a healthy dish to share with guests you’ll be covered with myView full post »

Review: Healing the Vegan Way by Mark Reinfeld

Described by Publishers Weekly as the “male equivalent to a vegan Rachel Ray” Mark Reinfeld has 20 years of experience preparing creative vegan and raw cuisine and has authored or co-authored 6 cookbooks. As you know from my posts,View full post »

Healthy Eating as a College Student

College.  A time of new adventures, goals to pursue, and endless change.  Navigating this new phase can be exciting and quite nerve-wracking.  One change I didn’t anticipate was the way my body would adjust to this new lifestyle.  I went fromView full post »

Fun Foods for Kids!

I love helping parents find creative ways to get their kids eating healthy.  The easiest way is to start from their very first bite!  When it is time for solids to be introduced into a little ones diet, there is no need for fancy or expensive babyView full post »

Post-Baby Food Prep (or Freezer Meals for Anyone!)

With our little girl’s due date just 7 weeks away (feels like it will be an eternity and the blink of an eye at the same time!) I’m doing some serious planning ahead.  I’ve never been the master of transitions and with this beingView full post »

Best of May – Recipes in Review

Breakfast When warm weather arrives I  start making Overnight Oat Parfaits like a mad woman.  I have a new creation nearly every morning, except when I’m enjoying some Easy Vegan and Gluten-free Pancakes on the weekend with my hubby. DipsView full post »

Calcium – The Best Source for Your Bones

Is dairy the best way to obtain calcium?  Many people believe so, however, obtaining calcium is more than simply how many milligrams we consume daily.  How much you consume isn’t necessarily the issue, rather how much you absorb. Many factorsView full post »

Navigating Restaurants – A Guide to Eating Out

Who doesn’t love to eat out?!  Sharing life with friends and family over a good meal and no clean up!    Regardless of how much fun dinner on the town can be restaurants are notorious for salty, calorie-loaded meals that can wreak havoc onView full post »