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I.  Nutrition

II.  Business


I.  Nutrition

What is your nutrition counseling philosophy?

My desire is to aid you wherever you are in life, to have a nourished body resulting in an overall more balanced and happy lifestyle.  I believe that food is able to heal our bodies and should be used as fuel allowing us to function as we were intended. Research shows that eating foods in their most natural form—whole and unprocessed—has dramatic effects on reversing illness and preventing future disease.

My initial posts provide further explanation of my heart beat, what this looks like on a daily basis, and the benefits you’ll experience!

Do you promote a specific kind of diet?

I strive in my own family’s diet and with my clients to move away from processed foods void of nutrients, and towards a diet abundant in foods from nature packed with nutrients.

I eat a whole food diet focused striving to consume foods most abundant in nutrients.  I work with clients from various food backgrounds and will always strive to provide guidance based on sound research.  No matter what you call your diet, I think we can all agree that every one of us can benefit from more plant nutrients every day.

Where can I find the products you use every day?

You can find a complete list here!


II.  Business

What led you to start Nourishing Health?

I previously worked as a Nutrition Counselor at an Internal Medicine practice outside of Raleigh, NC.  As I met with patients I was frequently asked whether I could meet with their sister/neighbor/friend, but was not able to unless those individuals were established patients at the practice.  As the demand grew, I knew it was time to begin offering services that would reach beyond the scope of the practice in addition to my ongoing there.

Who created your website?

The talented Paige Rankin, co-founder of Fifth of June Photography, created my web design, photography, and logo.  Her professionalism, expertise (and patience!) with me was outstanding.  It was a great joy to work with in her launching Nourishing Health.  I am immensely thankful for her excellent work!

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